How to place an order for a print
Select the image you wish to purchase from the Gallery by clicking on the order button. The system will ask for details of your chosen print and for your home address, telephone number and email address. I will confirm the order by email and when the print is made inform you when the print will be mailed to you and how you can transfer payment. I can accept payment by Credit Card through PayPal or by cheque drawn on UK banks only. Prints will be dispatched immediately I have received confirmation of the PayPal transfer or the cheque has cleared with my bank.

All prints are made to order and because of my teaching commitments and leading workshops throughout the world I may be out of the country and away for up to 6 weeks at a time. However, I will access the site on a daily basis and email you to inform you of the date I will be able to make the print.

Print Prices - Silver Gelatin Prints
Paper Size Print Size (approx) Cost (unmounted)
10 x 8 8 x 6 60.00
16 x 12 14 x 11 120.00

For larger prints please contact me.

About the Silver Gelatin Prints
All prints are hand made in my darkroom using the best quality fibre based silver gelatine papers and with fresh chemicals at each printing session. All prints are toned selenium or gold toned, and in some cases both, before being washed in accordance with the manufacturers recommended time in a Zone VI archival print washer. They are then air dried on print screens and flattened in between two pieces of museum board in a flat bed dry mount press for two minutes. Prints are signed and dated on the front using a permanent ink pen but if preferred I will sign on the back in pencil.


                                                                          Print Prices – Digital Prints
Paper Size
Image Size (approx)
Cost (unmounted)
9” x 6”

About the digital prints
Digital images are prepared either from digital capture or negative scan using an Imacon Flextight scanner. Image manipulation is carried out using Photoshop CS2 and the file is then printed on either an Epson 7600 printer using Ultrachrome inks or the Epson 2400 using pigmented inks using only the highest quality inkjet papers. 
In order to simplify and reduce the cost of carriage I have deceided not to mount and matt prints.  
Silver Gelatin Example Prints
When I started to make black and white prints I had no idea what represented a good print. Should it be high or low contrast; should it show detail throughout; There were numerous questions to be answered in my search for what represents print quality.  I did compare my prints with those made by the photographers I had grown friendly with as a result of my interest in photography. Whilst this was very helpful and pointed me in the right direction in those early days it was not until I saw prints made by the great photographers and printers such as Paul Caponigro and Edward Weston that I realized just what could be achieved in the way of expression and beauty. Shortly after seeing these prints I purchased a print from John Blakemore, a British photographer and fine printer who I consider to be on a par with Caponigro and Weston. I used this Blakemore print as my bench mark in the quest to make high quality prints. In the years since I purchased that first print I have acquired a number of John’s prints and all hang on the walls in my home and they have continually inspired me to improve my own print making.  
I have spent nearly 30 years honing my darkroom skills to enable me to consistently make high quality fine black and white prints and I now feel that I can offer my Example Prints to be used as a guide to what a fine print should contain in the way of contrast and tonality. They are made on 8” x 10” Ilford Warmtone or Ilford Multigrade IV fibre paper, archivally processed but not selenium toned, will be unmounted, they will cost £25, plus carriage and packing.
The Portfolio
I have decided to print one portfolio each year and offer it for sale at a discounted price of £500 plus carriage and packing. Each Portfolio will consist of six 16 x 12 prints produced as described above. Portfolio One consists of six of my well known landscape photographs and is available now. Subsequent Portfolios will be available from June/July of each year and I will make an announcement when I have decided the content and shortly before I start to print it.